Academic Mobility Center provides additional services
in order to achieve the goals of the Organization
Services provided
Market survey and public opinion research
Selection and Consultation
Selection of educational programs in Russia and abroad
including full legal and advisory support
International Activity
Assistance in participation in the international events of our partners
as well as in interning in our Organization and partner organizations
Academic Mobility
Assistance in creation, registration and correction of the documents required for short-term training in Russia and foreign countries

Visa Support
Assistance in obtaining a visa
to Russia and foreign states

Support and Consultation
Ongoing support in matters related to the range of services provided
Why To Choose Us
  • Proficiency in languages
    We translate, execute and correct documents in Arabic, English, Spanish, German, Russian, French and Czech, and will always consider the possibility of working with other languages
  • Multilateral long-term experience
    AMC team has more than 7 years of the total experience of services rendered
  • Partnership
    We have an extensive partnership network, which allows us to resort to additional assistance in solving your problems in no time
  • No inflated price
    Academic Mobility Center is a non-profit organization that does not intend to profit from its activity. Any commercial services are provided by the Organization in order to achieve its primordial purposes
Service Fee
Writing/designing motivation letters, essays, CV
from 700₽
Correcting motivation letters, essays, CV
from 300₽
Document translation
from 100₽ per page
Recommendation letter
Sponsorship letter for a visa
Surveys/public opinion research
By arrangement
Educational programs selection
from 2000₽
Visa support
(the EU, the USA, the UK, Canada)
from 2000₽
After submitting the request, your application will be reviewed by the AMC specialists within 24 hours. You will be contacted to request additional information and documents required to resolve your issue.

Please, note that:
* Academic Mobility Center has the right to refuse to provide a service if the request does not meet the Objectives of the Organization, if there is no feedback from the client within 3 working days, as well as for other reasons arising while processing or executing the order.

** Academic Mobility Center services are subject to 100% prepayment. If, for some reason, the full cost of a service can not be calculated, the average cost is calculated and subjected to 100% prepayment.

*** Academic Mobility Center provides commercial services on the basis of Art. 24 of the Federal law No. 7-FL of 12.01.1996 "On non-profit organizations"
By submitting a request you consent to process and store your personal data