Evaluation form
Give us a feedback about the German-Russian Youth Forum of twin-cities:
Young regional ambassadors
STAGE 1. Before the forum
How do you estimate the spread of information about the call for applications to the German-Russian youth forum of twin-cities: Young Russian Ambassadors?
How do you estimate the given description of upcoming event?
How do you find the application form?
How do you estimate the communication process with you after you’ve been selected as a participant?
. Have you been informed about criteria that were applied in the participants’ selection procedure?
How did you know about the event?
Have you shared the info about the call for application with your friends?
If you required a visa to enter Russia, how do you estimate the visa invitation preparation process?
How do you estimate the necessity to have a Facebook group with all participants included before the forum?
Do you have any additional comments on the Forum Preparation Stage?
How do you estimate your arrival at Tyumen?
How do you estimate the location of provided accommodation, its services and comfort?
How do you estimate provided food during the forum? Were your preferences and requirements taken into account by organisers?
How do you estimate the atmosphere created during the forum?
Were you satisfied with the program? What should we do to improve programs in our future events?
How do you estimate professionalism of forum’s experts?
Have you noticed actions that were taken by Academic mobility center due to environment purposes?
How do you estimate the presentation of DRJUG e.V. work and your willingness to join or / and financially contribute them?
How do you estimate the presentation of Academic mobility center and your willingness to help them?
What should be improved in the next events?
Are going to apply for participation in next events organised by Academic mobility center?
(This question means only events fully organised by Academic mobility center, not co-organised or supported, because Academic mobility center cannot guarantee the quality of partners’ events)
Would you like to help Academic mobility center in its activities and are you interested in being involved on a volunteer basis to its work?
If yes, please specify there and send your CV to info@academic-mobility.ru
If you require reimbursement, have you sent us all your travel information with price information that you paid?
If not, please sent it to info@academic-mobility.ru with all bank details in Germany to transfer you money. You will receive your reimbursement until 15th of June according to counts that will be made by Academic mobility center staff.
Please advice what ways do you see to implement by Academic mobility center in the purpose to receive. A financial contribution to its non-commercial work?