Get your visa to Russia

Russia is a unique country that combines more than
120 nationalities, the most surprising history, delicious
non-traditional food and the most attractive girls in the world.
Russia attracts world people attention not only by its political leaders but also by ordinary people who live there. They are fun, happy and are looking forward to meeting any international tourist and assist you in any case.

Holding the Winter Olimpic Games 2014, World Hockey Championship 2016, World Football Cup 2018 this country has proved the much desire and openness to everyone who travels as a tourist, businessman or student.

Unfortunately, as Russia develops as a conservative country, it has a problematic robust procedure to obtain a visa. Therefore Academic mobility center created a platform that provides full assistance for Russian visa receiving.

There are following required documents for the visa application:
Cultural visa type:
- Medical insurance that covers all expenses up to minimum 30 000 EUR

- Application for a visa (you may create it online by filling the form at )

- Letter from your job/university that confirms your occupation status - usually is not actively required for this visa type

- The bank account statement (letter from your bank account) - typically is not action is necessary for this visa type

- An official invitation from an organisation

You may apply for only the period that written in your invitation.

With this type of visa, you are not required to pay any consulate fee if you have an invitation.
Academic mobility center has created a platform for you to widen mobility and cultural opportunities in Russia for international visitors. It means that you may request an invitation for your visa and desirable period of stay up to 1 year.

Please keep in mind that any Russian organization that prepares an invitation for any foreign visitor is required to pay a state tax, so therefore any request for an invitation should be paid.
With the Academic mobility center invitation you're not required to pay a consular fee
(35 EUR)

The prices are indicated in ₽ (Russian ruble) and variated depend on a period of stay.
The current rate of 1$ = 80₽; 1 EUR = 85₽

- Academic mobility center abides the Russian law and prepares invitations only for cultural and educational exchanges with 90 days stay for every 180 days. We do guarantee your return after 90 days to the Russian government

- We may not guarantee the obtaining of the Russian visa. In cases of the law violation in your country, not closed investigation processes or sanctions We may not guarantee the obtaining of the Russian visa. In cases of the law violation in your country, not closed investigation processes or sanctions. Every our application for your invitation is checked by the Federal Migration Service, and they decide if you may enter Russia or not.

- If you apply with an invitation on our Organization blank your duration of permitted stay in Russia is up to a consular.
Valid up to 3 months
On blank of organisation valid for one-use or two-use entry
Valid up to 6 months
(with a maximum of 90 days per 180)
Valid up to 12 months
(with a maximum of 90 days per 180)
There are two types of getting an invitation: Official blank and electronically. For any of these options, the procedure of invitation creation takes 23 working days.

For receiving an invitation on the official blank Academic mobility center takes a shipping fee for sending it by post. Prices for shipping will be calculated at DHL Post Service.

For receiving invitations electronically, you do not need to pay any further costs. You will be notified after 23 working days about the official number of your invitation at the defined consulate and will be able to apply for visa freely.

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