The German-Russian Youth Forum of twin-cities
Tyumen, 12-18 May
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About the forum

The German-Russian Youth Forum of twin-cities in the city of Tyumen, which will be held from 12 to 18 May 2019, is a unique concept for the development of interregional cooperation between Germany and Russia.

If the concept of holding twin-cities conferences between Germany and Russia has been implemented by the German-Russian Forum and the Hamburg Forum for more than 15 years and they have their youth sessions, the youth cooperation between regions and cities of the two countries is practically not implemented.

The forum in Tyumen is an event of leaders of the two countries who are ready to become young representatives of their cities and regions for the implementation of communications and interaction between the executive authorities of the regions at the youth level.

The forum is designed to help overcome contradictions, stereotypes and mistrust among young citizens aged 18-27 years and provide them with an opportunity to develop and implement in their future career. The event is aimed at the formation of mutual perception, exchange and mutual acceptance of value-oriented models of the behaviour of Germans and Russians, as well as national cultural characteristics.

The city of the forum was chosen Tyumen. And not by chance. Tyumen is the first city of Siberia, located in the center of the Russian Federation, has a representative office of the Goethe Institute, the house of German culture, German production and oil producing companies. In 2018, the Tyumen region became the leader in the distribution of the German language as the second foreign language to study in schools. That is why the location will allow forum participants to dive deeper into German-Russian interregional cooperation and, possibly, to initiate new formats of interaction.