We belong to the world where you're educated by people with knowledge and experience, but need to have skills to get a job.

Mobility Passport is an online tool that allows you to unify experience, knowledge and skills that you obtain through mobility programs.

Mobility Passport initiates the recognition of non-formal learning process making it clear, unified and applicable.

We are giving a chance to people with fewer opportunities to get an access to non-formal learning.

Mobility Passport opens opportunities to people with disabilities, impairment, fewer opportunities status or any dietary restrictions to get involved in various mobility programs.

We strongly insist on paying attention to people with fewer opportunity status to protect principles of equality.

Why the Mobility Passport is more essential than ever
Free worldwide access
Mobility Passport is absolutely free to use. You may access it by using any device.
Goals for prosperous future
Mobility Passport is an additional tool for your CV.

The first aim of this document is to recognise experience and skills you obtain by participating in short-term (forums/conferences/trainings, short volunteer programs or internships) and long-term (1-2 semesters exchange programs, long-term volunteering or internships) mobility programs.

The second goal is assisting people with fewer opportunities (social, economic, geographical obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences, disability and/or health problems).
High potential
Mobility Passport opens opportunities not only to mobility programs participants, but also for organisers, universities and employers assisting them to find people with required skills and experience, or even those who do not have it.
Under protection
Mobility Passport uses all personal information you provide. That's why we developed four-stage data protection mechanism.
Big step for mankind
Mobility Passport is the first step of creating Mobility Center.

Mobility Passport is an initiative to assist the 4th UN Sustainable Goal implementation:
"Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"

This project allows more than 30 million people get an access to education, and more than 150 million people around the globe to confirm their knowledge and skills obtained in non-formal learning programs.

That's why this instrument becomes a life-long learning tool without any age restriction.

When learning results become applicable, skills become instincts.

Mobility Passport is a friendly platform for the European Commission services such as Europass and YouthPass.

The created Mobility Passport users data base includes Europass CV as an additional document.

The open users data base creates essential basics to the further Mobility Center development.

The Mobility Passport is initiated and developed by the Academic Mobility Center. All rights reserved.