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Development of educational, scientific and cultural opportunities for young people through the exchange of information, experience and knowledge in mobility programs
The activities of the Academic mobility center are carried out on the principles of mutual respect and equal dialogue, focusing on international standards for the development of education and science
Creation of extensive information and advisory network for the interaction of talented youth and assistance in realising their leadership potential for the future

Our services
Academic mobility center is non-profit non-governemtal organization and has social projects.
Commercial activity of Academic mobility center is organized to provide a finance stability of organization and overcome challenges in achievement of goals.

Academic mobility center presents commercial services:
  • Research
    Market conditions and public opinion research
  • Consultation
    Selection of educational programs in Russia and abroad by individual request, including full juridical and consultative assistance
  • International activity
    Assistance for participation in international events organized by Academic mobility partners, for internships and volunteering opportunities in Academic mobility center and its partners
  • Academic mobility
    Assistance in filling and creation of official academic mobility documents such as CV, motivation and cover letters. Assistance with academic essay writing (correction and writing) and with recommendations.
The Russian Federation signs the Bologna Declaration and officially becomes a member of the European Educational Space. Joining to Bologna Declaration has defined new perspectives of Russian education development and new tasks for it. One of them is to provide an equal membership of the Russian Federation in European System of Education.

Qualified results of Bologna Declaration requirements implementation to the Russian field of education have been stated in deepening educational and scientific cooperation between Russia and the European Union countries, development of humanitarian partnership and also in intensified integration of Russia and the European Union based on common values and interests.
In 2015 during the work in UN youth working group on Sustainable Development Goals and Commission on quality education of the Russian Ministry of education and science members of Academic mobility center developed an analysis of Bologna Declaration results in Russia. Received results have demonstrated mutual misunderstanding of Bologna process and Russian education specification that caused many challenges.

Academic mobility center has been initiated to overcome any challenges to equal Russian participation in European Educational Space. Academic mobility center became a platform to provide any assistance for educational and scientific programs realization, to deepen humanitarian and cultural connections and to widen academic mobility opportunities.
Two-year period has been concluded by establishment of theAcademic mobility center as non-governmental non-profit organization.
The Academic mobility center organizes eight international youth events dedicated to achieve the Organization's goals.

Moreover, the Academic mobility center begins a process of worldwide partnership network creation on international, national and local levels. The key event for Organization became the official partnerships with the United Nations Organization.
The Academic mobility center supports more than 25 international projects and receives mutual interest from governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions in "Mobility Passport"

The partnership networks is strengthening by partnerships with the U.S., Canadian, the UK, German,, Taiwan and Cambodian embassies to Russia.
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