Volunteering programs

If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever
KOFI ANNAN, UN General Secretary (1997-2006), Nobel Peace Prize laureate
The development of the modern world is uneven and provides more opportunities for the developed countries, thereby deprives developing countries of opportunities sustainable development and prosperity. It accelerates the dependence of the underdevelopment states on the states that are the pillar of the modern system of international realtions.

The level of the country's development also depends on possibilities of realizing the leadership potential of youth, including physical and mental characteristics In this regard, an increasing urgency is acquired by volunteer programs aimed at providing mutual assistance to fellow citizens of other countries.

Academic mobility center supports volunteer programs in the Russian Federation and abroad, provides and spreads information about such programs, provides advisory and other assistance to implementation of volunteer opportunities on a non-profit basis.

It is assumed that Russian citizens' participation in internal and external volunteer programs will ensure:

- domestic and foreign mobility of citizens;

- opportunities for personal development and leadership potential of youth, providing conditions for traveling, tourism and non-formal education;

- acquaintance with historical, cultural, linguistic, value-oriented practices in other regions of Russia and foreign countries;

- mutual assistance to social-oriented non-profit organizations, social groups and population that it require.